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Nov 25 2013

Some Updates, and More Coming Soon

It's been a long time! The last few months have kept me busy with mending a relationship, nursing injuries and illness, and work to pay the bills, but I'm happy to finally be back into the swing of things with Pedal Room!

Today I released a couple small tweaks.

First off is flagging of forum posts and bikes. There have been some problems lately with trolls, spammers, and fights, and that's going to stop. The first step is community flagging. Now, when you see a forum post or bike that violates the rules (spam, hateful, not a bike, etc.), you can click the "Flag" link, add some comments, and flag that content. I will then review it and take whatever action is necessary. I'm also working on moderator tools and appointing some moderators to help me manage the site.

Second, bikes now show a "last updated" date. Small, but progress!

There are a lot of upcoming changes coming soon, and I'll be posting about those more in the next few days. Cheers!


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