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Jan 10 2014

Search and Speed Improvements

Today I'm happy to announce the release of new search tools for Pedal Room!

The biggest change one will notice is that searching or browsing for bikes is now much, much faster. Also, bike pages, the browse bikes page, bikes by tag, member profiles, and your logged-in control panel should all be much faster.

Another big change is the way the search engine now works. Bikes are now only shown if they match all keywords (before it used to be if a bike matched any keyword.) It can also handle smarter phrases, so the following search terms all now work:

colnago master -pista

bikes with keywords "colnago" and "master", as long as keyword "pista" is not found

@title cannondale track

bikes with title that matches both "cannondale" and "track"

"columbus max"

bikes with exact phrase "columbus max"

The search engine now also matches shorter words (as short as two characters) and usernames. Furthermore, the search engine now matches only bikes with photos by default. You can still do a search for bikes without photos from the bikes search page if necessary.

Finally, the browse bikes page has gotten a facelift. It now shows photos of recently added and updated bikes. Also, the updated bikes column now excludes recently added bikes so that a new bike doesn't show up twice on the page.

New bikes page on Pedal Room

Hope you guys enjoy the new search features. I'm excited because searching is not only better and faster, but the new search engine paves the way for some of the location-based features coming soon. Stay tuned, and let me know what you think!


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