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Dec 04 2009

Planning for the Future

Over the long weekend, we had the opportunity to think and sketch out future ideas for Pedal Room. Here's a little taste of what we're considering doing.


We plan to build out a very simple marketplace where you can sell bikes and bike parts. It's gonna be sweet!

Mobile App

Coomer's already playing with the alpha version of the new Pedal Room mobile app on his iPhone. It will allow you to quickly and easily see what's going on in Pedal Room land. There will also be cool features like finding people and bikes near you. In a new city and looking for people to ride with? Just click the "find nearby" button and contact some nearby cyclists!

Even Better Bike/Member Search

We'll also be rolling out some sweet new search features that will make finding others even easier!

Sharing Options

We want to make it easier to share bikes with the world! Quick access to share URLs, Twitter and Facebook integration, etc.

That's not it, but that's what we're thinking right now. What do you think? Let us know!

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