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Jan 13 2013

Pedal Room Shirts/Stickers

I've still got a few shirts and stickers left from our first run, and once these are gone, I'll be making some more.

So if you want a shirt, contact me and we'll work something out via Paypal or whatever. Quantities and sizes are limited. Right now in red, I have 5 size smalls. In gray (which has that weird darker gray defect area on the upper part of the front, see last picture), I have 4 size smalls. Shirts are $10 shipped in the US for the red ones and $6 shipped in the US for the gray ones, because they've got that weird defect (see last picture). I'll include some Pedal Room stickers and random other bike stickers in each order.

And I hope to get started on the next run of shirts soon! Cheers!

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