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Apr 22 2011

Local Blogs on FourteenTeeth Released!

Now on FourteenTeeth you can view local blogs for select areas! More locations and blogs are coming very soon, but we wanted to get the concept out there with a few local blogs and get some feedback.

So let us know what you think!

How it Works:

We guess your location based on your IP address (most websites do this, it's nothing to be worried about). We then find the closest supported city (or country) and request blogs based there. You can also change your location to view local blogs for any area! We optimized everything to make the experience as fast as possible.

Coming Soon:

Many more locations and blogs! We need suggestions! We also hope to break down some of the countries, like Australia, into regions. But most of all we just need more coverage in terms of locations and blogs. So send suggestions our way!

We've also got a few bugs to fix and some things to improve. The maps, for example, don't always look the best. We might go to a region-based approach, or allow blog ordering/filtering. Let us know how we can make FourteenTeeth better!

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