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Mar 28 2010

Last Week at Pedal Room...

Last week was a busy week, with a lot of new work going into Pedal Room.

We started the process of redesigning our forms to be more accommodating. See below.

You've probably noticed this already - we redesigned our home page! It now includes featured bikes, which we'll be updating regularly, and a new layout. Oh yeah, the login box for visitors who aren't logged in yet moved to the top right of each page.

On the backend side of things, we've been fixing a few errors and bugs that have popped up as a result of our new site framework. We've also upgraded our logging and error delivery systems, so that our team gets notified more quickly when problems occur. Also, we improved some of our caching mechanisms, which should speed up the site a bit more.

Coming This Week

This week will be good. We have some sweet new bikes to feature, and we're starting work on our big new feature. We're incredibly excited about what's coming very soon (like within the next month) for Pedal Room, and we really hope you guys like it too. Also this week, we plan to roll out more form and general design upgrades. Stay tuned and ride safe!

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