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Mar 05 2010

Getting Close!

As some of you may know, we're currently in the process of rewriting Pedal Room in a much nicer framework/programming language. Just to give you guys an update, we estimate that we're about 70% done, and hope to release the new code within a couple weeks. Everything will look similar, but should be faster and have improvements here and there.

One thing that we're extremely excited about is our automated tests of the site. We've written almost as much automated testing code as we have application code. This means that every time we work on something new, we run our test suite. If we broke something, the test suite lets us know. This will prevent numerous bugs from slipping out to the site. Here's a breakdown of code that's been written so far: (warning - it's nerdy)

Stay tuned for updates and the new site infrastructure coming soon!

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