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Apr 02 2013

Blog Changes

Today I'm happy to release the new Pedal Room Blog. The design has been refined, and more importantly, the blog should now be much, much faster.

The main reasoning behind this is that Pedal Room's old blog host, Posterous, was aquired by Twitter and is closing its doors on April 30. So the blog had to be moved.

But aside from the blog not going down, there are also great benefits to the new blog. It's hosted on Amazon S3, so it's more reliable. It also uses static HTML, so it's much faster (key parts of Pedal Room, like the home page, also do this to keep things fast). It also gives me control over the codebase, meaning I can fix bugs that existed previously and do things like integrate the blog better with the site in general.

The ease-of-posting with the new blog, coupled with the recent infrastructure upgrades, should also encourage me to post more as I get some much-needed work done on the site and work on new things like the Pedal Room mobile app, which is currently under development.

I plan to migrate comments over in the next few days, along with some other tweaks to Pedal Room in general. In the mean time, feel free to email me at with your comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions. Hope you like the blog!

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