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Nov 28 2011

Bad News/Good News!

The Bad:

The site has been in an awful, broken state for a couple days. It appeared that all messages, favorites, and even comments were gone. There were also issues adding photos, and random bad errors.


The Good:

It only appeared that way. No comments, messages, favorites, or anything else was lost. And the site is close to fixed now.

What happened was that over the weekend I was hard at work on the site, upgrading the site's software to the latest and greatest versions. The goal was to make everything better with the site, and ease development going forward.

However, it introduced an odd bug. Normally a responsible developer (usually me) would catch these before they ever went live. But in a rush to get released, I didn't do much testing of the site, figuring nothing would be terribly wrong since it was a basic upgrade that others had done several times over with no issues.

So I'm sorry about the issues over the last couple days! I won't let it happen again, through improved testing and not rushing stuff out to the live site.

I'm hard at work tonight fixing everything completely, and working on some new improved stuff too! Stay tuned!


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