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Oct 11 2009

Advanced Bike Search Released!

Today we launched something that we've been meaning to build for a while - better bike search. After all, bikes is what we're all about. Now Pedal Room has better bike searching options.

You can search by keywords like you've been able to before, but also by location, and you can choose to sort bikes in various order and show only bikes with photos as well!

One thing we had a lot of fun building that we hope you guys will enjoy is our location search. Say you see some cool bike in Ballard (a neighborhood here in Seattle) and want to find it. You can search for location "Ballard" on the advanced bike search page, choose to sort by distance, and then results will come back not only in Ballard, but also in the neighboring areas. Of course, if you sorted by distance, the bikes closest to your entered location will show up first. See the image below for a rough idea of what we're talking about.

Enjoy the features, and let us know what you think!

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